Arriving - Visa
Most countries can get a Visa on arrival., valid for 30 days. Please note that the visa fee is in US $. Other currencies can be Thai Baht or Euro. Beware though that the Exchange R
ate will be much lower - about 20 %, so bring $, in small notes, as the Immigration might not have change to give you back...

What to bring
​November to March: Varm Clothes, as it can get cold in the nights. Good walking shoes. Good Insurance, so you can get Medivac out to Thailand, as local Lao Hospitals are not up to the standard of Thailands. Film, for 35 mm cameras, as you can not buy it here.

ATM's are now found everywhere. If you pay accomodation or Food etc, in the cities a Credit Card is OK, but has a surcharge of 3-5 %. Smaller places you have to pay in Cash.

What not to bring
Alcohol and Tobacco, as it is very cheap in Laos - a pack of Virginia cigarettes can be as low as $ 50 - 60 Cents a pack. A Large Beer in a pub/restaurant from 1.50 to 3 $.

Accomodation & Transport
Is much more expensive in Laos than Thailand, as taxes are higher and strictly enforced.

Food and drinks
Local Food, except foreign food for some reason, is also more expensive, as most items are imported.
Drinks are quite cheap. ( 1/2 litre of Lao Vodka can be as low as less than 1 $.)